Uncultured Creatives is a collaborative creative practice between Artist Jamie Holman and Creative Producer Alex Zawadzki, developed to support the effective delivery of complex commissions, through our shared skillset.

The work we produce is characterised by the exploration of divided histories, sensitive content and the unification of diverse community participants through shared experiences of culture, class and that which makes us human.

We look for exciting connections and opportunities to work with new communities in order to research and celebrate their heritage, and make visible their unique histories. Labelling our approach as something akin to a 'cultural archeologist,' we dig deep into heritage, archives and historical research, uncovering lost stories of the people, with an intense depth of research, interpreting the findings and developing poetic propositions, rather than judging or critiquing.

Our research proposes the emergence of culture through the celebration of topics and movements including subcultures, trade unions, folklore, activism, mill workers, football, magick, labour and poetry. Our work explores the impact of ‘Uncultured Creativity’ on the mainstream heritage of this country, and locates these shared identities as ‘Future Folklore’. We are interested in telling these stories because we think these stories matter.

For more Information on the work of Uncultured Creatives visit unculturedcreatives.co.uk