A body of work presented at OOF Gallery, Summer Season: Group C exhibition

SUMMER SEASON: A Series of Nine Solo Exhibitions at OOF Gallery

This summer, we're putting on nine solo exhibitions by some of our favourite young artists. We've called the whole thing SUMMER SEASON and we're splitting the programme into groups, just like a World Cup but for really good art. Group C is finally here, bringing our Summer Season of exhibitions to its thrilling conclusion with solo presentations by Luke Burton, Delphine Dénéréaz and Jamie Holman. You like paintings? You've got Burton. Fond of tapestries? Dénéréaz is what you're after. Love reconfigured photographs of mass gatherings at football matches and illegal acid house parties? Holman's got you covered. Honestly, we've got it all. Except street art. We don't have any street art. Luke Burton's paintings and enamel works elevate the humble football to an object of classical beauty, on a level playing field with Doric columns and Roman portraiture. They are direct, joyous celebrations of the colour, shape and form of footballs. Pure and simple. French artist Delphine Dénéréaz takes discarded materials found lying around the streets of her native Marseille and weaves them into intricate carpets and tapestries to create a folk art shrine to her beloved football club.

Jamie Holman's large-scale images use police surveillance stills from the 1980s of crowds gathered on football terraces and swarming outside illegal warehouse parties. Blown up and distorted, the works document not just the passion, intensity and fashion of rave-era football culture, but the pervasive influence of the surveillance state.


 Power / Resistance, 2022 


 Industrial / Estate, 2022


 Labour / Leisure, 2022 


Fragment, 2022 (right)